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Project Description

Project Brief

We all know how crucial communication can be and how difficult it is when it is not available. At times, natural disasters in the form of storms, earthquakes, or even hostile activities are diminishing the existing communication infrastructure. Remote areas that do not have and never had any electronic communication infrastructure, may suddenly need it when the environment circumstances changes quickly. Fast response in providing communication and surveillance services to isolated areas is crucial in some cases to survival of population in otherwise isolated disaster areas.

To address those needs we developed a Fast Deployment Self-Sufficient Network in a Box, featuring
– Fast deployment: All components are packed in ready to be shipped and deployed reusable containers.
– Energy self-sustainable: Equipped with solar panels and batteries to generate and store power for operation of the equipment.
– Network access technology agnostic: Ability to connect out of the box with any means of air or wired access technology, including satellite.
– Portable: Ability to be ported to any location in short notice for redeployment.
– Compact: Using small and compact components that fit into re-deployable boxes.