Open World Net


Project Brief The Open World Net initiation includes a collection of Open source communication projects, included in the Internet ecosystem. Under the  umbrella of this initiation, you will find  software and tools implementing a variety of fixed and mobile communication protocols, and standards, in the domain of  the Internet of Humans and things (IoHT). As part of the [...]

Open World Net Mobile Applications


Project Brief An important part of the Open World Net project is to develop and or make approachable mobile communication applications. Those applications may also include interfaces to other modules, and resources like diagnostic programs, sensors and actuators . Some of the mobile application being developed are: SIP mobile application: This application allows [...]



Analytics allows us to discover, interpret and communicate meaningful patterns in explored data. based on availability of resources engage in one of the following type of analytics Descriptive Exploratory Inferential Predictive Casual Mechanistic Some of our  analytics use cases are: Analytics for detecting potentially deployment sites  may  need most attention Real time network analytics [...]

TV White Space Internet Broadcast


TV white space is an unlicensed spectrum of unused TV channels. Those unlicensed vacancies may found in many geographical  locations, in particular rural areas. Those channels can cover areas up to 10 miles. Since they are not licensed Wi-Fi and other unlicensed protocols can be used to provide wireless terastiral Interenttand help enable technology [...]

Medical Remote Diagnostics


One of the major benefits of bringing communication to remote areas is the ability to provide remotely services to the otherwise isolated communities utilizing relative small local teams backed by resource channeled remotely into the emerging communities.  Some of the projects we are working on utilizes remotely deployed diagnostic devices monitored and interpreted by experts getting [...]