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We’re Here To Help Bring Communication Where and When Most Needed!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the driving force that helps create an environment where Internet and communication at-large, is available to all, in an economic, social and environmental sustainable way.

Our Mission

One World One Internet is dedicated to the advancement of education, health, well-being and science, through the promotion and development of the internet and communication at-large, for those that still do not have access to those resources due to geographical or socioeconomic status.

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Current Initiatives and Projects

Our Ecosystem

Activity Map of our Organization

Our Programs and Services

Current Initiatives and Projects

1. Global Channels

Provides a management and supervising bearer for  all internal organization operations, as well as global management of all of the organizational operations.

2. Affiliated Channels

Handles the network of affiliated enablers (individuals or organizations), distributed through the emerging entities.

3. External Contributors Channels

 Interfaces with  open source development initiatives, equipment  donors, research institutes, standard organizations and other organizations with similar or complementing goals.

4. Current  Operations

Handles the monitoring performance and operation of the replicable affiliation program.
Monitors  the education programs, and the  health care and well-being programs

5. Life Cycle Support

Manages and supervises the network of service centers around the globe. performs analytics in order to better support and predict important trends.